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Business To Business Telemarketing

Use Outbound Telemarketing to acquire customers, qualify prospects and pass hot leads to sales reps and deal closers. Rely on inbound telemarketing to acquire and qualify buyers for followup by your sales reps, close sales, process orders and cross-sell/upsell offers.

Successful Business to Business Inbound Telemarketing and Outbound Telemarketing require a Professional approach. Our agents are experts at Communicating to Customers and Prospects at their level. We establish and build Profitable relationships on your behalf.

To make your Business to Business Telemarketing program a success We recruits Intelligent People, test their people skills, teaches them a lot about Business and Sales and Phone Techniques.

Outbound Telemarketing

Grow your Outbound Telemarketing sales, generate and Qualify hotter leads; sign up more Appointments, and Spark interest in and register crowds of attendees for conferences and seminars. Our highly experienced agents can meet your objectives and then some.

Inbound Telemarketing

Our Company handle your Inbound Telemarketing needs. We supply quick and accurate Order Processing, literature request fulfillment and buyer qualification. Have your sales staff follow up on hot leads served our agents or ask them close sales. When you have satisfied Customers on the phone cross-sell/upsell them targeted offers.

Customer Care and Support

Take care of your B2B Telemarketing buyers and retain them with quality customer care. Our agents can answer questions, provide first level Help Desk Support, open trouble tickets and page/dispatch field staff.

Protecting Your Income

Telemarketing provides a vital income stream for your enterprise. We train staff, shift customer data and automatically transfer calls and contacts to the other facilities. Customer contacts are handled seamlessly. Should there be longer than expected wait times we can put messages on your lines asking callers to be patient on account of the particular event.

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